Discourse Hub seminars spring 2020

January 28, 2020 - May 29, 2020

In spring term 2020, we read and discuss the ways in which ‘social’ has been conceptualised in discourse studies, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. By discussing a number of classical readings on this topic, we (re)think the various contexts of our research and reconsider what we actually mean and claim when we say that we examine the relationship between language and social or language in society or in an institution.

Session dates and times:

January (28.1.2020, 12–15)

  • Holquist M. (1990) Dialogism. Chapter 3 language as dialogism
  • Hymes, D. (1964). Two types of linguistic relativity. In Sociolinguistics: proceedings of the UCLA Sociolinguistics Conference (pp. 114-67).

February (18.2.2020, 12–15)

  • Spitulnik, D. (1996), The Social Circulation of Media Discourse and the Mediation of Communities. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 6: 161-187. doi:10.1525/jlin.1996.6.2.161
  • Silverstein, M. (2003). The Whens and Wheres — As well As Hows — of Ethnolinguistic Recognition. Public Culture 15(3), 531-557.  https://www.muse.jhu.edu/article/47190.

March (19.3.2020, 12–15)

  • Gal, Susan (1989) Language and Political economy. Annual review of Anthropology 18: 345-367.
  • Heller, Monica (2003) Globalisation, new economy and the commodification of langauge and identity. Journal of Sociolinguistics 2003: 473-492.

April (23.4.2020, 12–15)

  • Ochs, E. (1992). 14 Indexing gender. Rethinking context: Language as an interactive phenomenon11, 335.
  • Hanks, W. F. (1993). Metalanguage and pragmatics of deixis. Reflexive language: Reported speech and metapragmatics, 127-57.

May (TBA)

  • Bauman & Briggs (2003): Voices of Modernity: Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality.
  • Makoni, S. & Pennycook, A. (2006). Disinventing and Reconstituting Languages.

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