Jyväskylä discourse hub

Welcome to the Jyväskylä Discourse Hub, a stimulating and interactive space for presenting, sharing and developing new ideas, on-going work and innovative research practices in the field of multidisciplinary discourse studies, related to critical conversations about power, identities, institutions, work, multilingualism and how they intertwine.

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You are warmly invited to use the Discourse Hub to

  1. Access research, conversations and ideas about critical, multidisciplinary discourse studies by our own research team.
  2. Engage with Nexus Analysis, originally developed by Ron and Susie Scollon and applied by our team and others.
  3. Discover how our team is fostering new assemblages of discourse studies, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. At the hub, we are discussing, debating and developing further interaction and alliances between different fields of critical research on language. Here are some of the key issues and readings that we are currently engaging with.
  4. See Knowledge designs. Here you can find our latest experiments of alternative ways of producing knowledge based on our research: co-produced exhibitions, visualisation and interventions with our collaborations across disciplines and beyond academia.

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