Knowledge designs

While knowledge production has been an enduring object of discourse studies, it is also what we do as teachers and researchers. Here, we want to present some of our experiments of the designs, genres and spaces how we have produced knowledge based our research. You can find our publications also here.

Art of Hockey – online exhibition of ice hockey as work (Sari Pietikäinen, Christine Hegel, Luke Cantarella, Pekka Rötkönen)

Visit online exhibition here.

Read more: Cantarella, L., Hegel, C. & Pietikäinen, S. (2018). Ice time: Transversal knowledge production between hockey and artAmerican Anthropologist. November 1, 2018 Multimodal Anthropologies.

Ice Time: Transversal Knowledge Production between Hockey and Art


Multilingual mine – ethnographic case study of language and safety in a mine in Arctic Finland (Maiju Strömmer)

See the visual results here.


What if this is a home, not a work place? Project on inclusive language practices at the senior home (Sari Pietikäinen, Anne Mäntynen, Sanna Tapionkaski)

Mäntynen, A., Tapionkaski, S. & Pietikäinen, S. 2018. Kielikäsitykset vanhustyössä – asukkaiden, hoitajien ja esimiesten käsityksiä hyvästä vuorovaikutuksesta ja kielenkäytöstä. Puhe ja kieli 38 (3), 127–151.