Discourse hub seminars spring 2019

January 31, 2019 - April 25, 2019

These seminars are for discussing key texts, new elaborations and critique around Critical Discourse Studies and related fields.

Session dates and times:

January, 31 (12.15-14.00, A134). The reading for the first time is “Materiality and Subject in Marxism, (Post-)Structuralism, and Material Semiotics” by Johannes Beetz (2016).

February, 15 (13.00-15.30, C411).

Old practices, new directions? Revisiting theorizing and making a social impact in applied linguistics. Workshop by Ingrid de Saint-Georges

In applied and sociolinguistics today, as in most social sciences, methodological considerations occupy a prime position. Newcomers to the field learn from celebrated theories and framework, which they apply to their own research and observations. Established researchers detail at great length their research design, and often build new approaches on the blind spots and limitations of the work of their predecessors. In this exploratory workshop, I argue that while methodology is an essential part of academic research, other important discussions in the field seem in comparison to be still lagging behind. Drawing on concrete examples (including from a nexus analysis approach), I propose to explore two such discussions in particular:  1) what is the purpose and meaning of theory and theorizing in applied and sociolinguistics?: 2) what are the scientific meanings and practices of attempting to engage in making a social impact with one’s research? The workshop will be organized to provide both input and discussion time. It will aim to unpack the notions and practices of “theorizing” and “impacting”, to show how they have evolved over time, and to think about directions for future research arising when these two pillars of research are taken seriously.

Many voices speak: Negotiating communicative needs and authentication in rural tourism. A talk by prof Monika Dannerer, University of Innsbruck.

March, 28 (9.30-12)

April, 25 (12.15–15)

Discourse Hub leaders and info: Sari Pietikäinen, Sigurd D`hondt

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