Discourse Hub Seminars fall 2017

October 2, 2017 - November 27, 2017

These seminars are for discussing key texts, new elaborations and critique around Critical Discourse Analysis.


Session dates and times:

September, 11 (14-16; presenter: Monica Heller)

October, 2 (14-16, Ag B301; presenters: Sari Pietikäinen, Maiju Strömmer & Anna-Liisa Ojala /Cold Rush project)

October, 16 (13-16, Ag D213.1; presenters: Sanna Tapionkaski, Nettie Boivin)

November, 13 (13-16, Ag C134; presenters: Minna Tiainen, Florian Hiss, Anna Kavoura)

November, 20 (9-15; Seminar: Producing work, language and (in)equalities)

November, 27 (13-16, Ag C233; presenters: Sigurd D’hont, Jose Cortes Vaszquez)

Discourse Hub leaders and info: Sari Pietikäinen and Sanna Tapionkaski

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