Student Association Organizes Activities for Finnish Sign Language Day

Members of Viito! Ry–a student association for those majoring in Finnish Sign Language at the University of Jyväskylä, sign language users or for anyone interested in sign language–made this short video and organized an on-campus event in honor of Finnish Sign Language Day. We filmed a video entitled “Hyvää Viittomakielen Päivää” (Happy Finnish Sign Language Day) at different places around campus and then shared the video on social media sites like Facebook. It was also posted on the home page of the University of Jyväskylä’s website. We added Finnish subtitles to the video for anyone who does not know sign language. By using these technologies, we got information through to people who may have no knowledge whatsoever about sign language.

In addition to the video, anyone who was interested in getting more information about sign language had a chance to meet students majoring in Finnish Sign Language in one of the student cafeterias (Ilokivi) and at the university’s main library, where we presented our video on laptops and gave out sign language brochures. There were also interpreters of Finnish Sign Language available. In that way, we added coverage and got more attention about sign language. Our aim was to raise awareness about our national Finnish Sign Language Day (this year being the 5th year since its inception).

For more information about the project or the association, please contact Henna Syrjälä, Viito! President (henna.t.syrjala(at) or Veera Elonen, Viito! Secretary (veera.m.j.elonen(at)


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