Online network Softcatalà creates digital interfaces in Catalan


Softcatalà ( is a network created in 1997 in Majorca by Jordi Mas (then working in Ireland in the software industry), Miquel Piulats and Jordi Coll. With time, it has gradually grown into a very large community of software localization devoted to providing Catalan digital interfaces and resources. Their first project was the Catalan version of Netscape Navigator (1998), and they have always prioritized Free Software packages for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) such as Firefox, thunderbird,, GNOME and hundreds more. They have worked closely with TERMCAT, the Catalan authority for neologisms.

They are a fully independent organization; they have never applied for any grant or subsidy or received any financial assistance from public bodies. As Jordi Mas put it:

“We have had little to do with the Catalan government in Catalunya, basically because we do not share their vision regarding the information and knowledge society that they are imposing in Catalonia. We have never asked for grants or received any. We believe that to be independent from the whole business of government provides us a very clear vision that final users appreciate. This has allowed us, for example, to bring up the debate about free software in the public sector or to treat linguistic resources as a public good when the government is generally insensitive to these needs.”

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