Letter in Flemish Sign Language (VGT) sent to Minister of Education

In June 2012, members of the Deaf community in Flanders submitted a letter to the Minister of Education in Flanders expressing concern over the decision to decrease the number of hours that interpretation would be provided to deaf and hard of hearing pupils in secondary school. The Flemish Sign Language (VGT) letter sent to the Minister of Education was attached with a signed petition in VGT.

Similar to community efforts supporting Finnish Sign Language legislation (showcased here), instead of collecting written signatures, every individual signed the following sentence: TOEGANG ONDERWIJS WANNEER (which means “access education when” or “When do we get access to education?”). This is the first letter in VGT to be sent to the Minister of Education. The letter was subtitled in Dutch for the Minister and for others who do not understand Flemish Sign Language.  The video was also shared with the public via Facebook and other social media outlets.

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