Combining discourse theory & practice in MA thesis on gaming

Writing an MA thesis does not necessarily have to be merely theoretical endeavour.

Miika Rautiainen’s recently completed MA thesis, entitled Gender, identity and representation in video games (2015), innovatively combines discourse theory and teaching practice: as part of his thesis, Rautiainen has planned a discourse-theory oriented course for Finnish EFL upper secondary school students. The course introduces students to certain key terms in discourse analysis by discussing gender representation in video games through various media examples and exercises. Pedagogically the course draws on CLIL and collaborative learning. A perfect way to put discourse theory to practice and orient towards working life!

Rautiainen’s thesis, including the course package, is available on the Jyväskylä University electronic archive, JYX: The thesis and the course package are in English.


A demonstration at Comic-Con.

A gaming demonstration at Comic-Con. (C) Sandy Huffaker (2012) for The New York Times

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