Passionate about discourse studies

This video is made by Mira-Maria Heinonen, one of our students, for a course on digital storytelling in 2015. In the video she explains why discourse studies matter – or, more precisely, why she is passionate about discourse studies.

We find Mira-Maria’s passion very inspiring and we’re thrilled that she has shared the video with us!


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  • It is nice to see someone to be so passionate about discourses. I am looking forward to learn about them more.. Interesting..

  • I enjoyed the video quite much. Sharp thoughts about discourses, psychological even! Your video got me thinking about the relation of discourses in linguistics and schemas in the field of psychology – how do these two meet? What is the relation between these two? Food for thought I’d say!

  • being passionated about sth might be an awesome thing. But I still don’t quite get the idea of that video…Maybe someone enlight me? 😀
    Still nice to watch. Looks like a small piece of art.

  • For some reason, discourse as a term has always been quite hard for me grasp. However, by watching Heinonen’s video, I think I understand it a little bit better now. I have always been fascinated about institutionalized ways of thinking, ex. why something is considered normal and something isn’t? It isn’t difficult for me to understand why Heinonen would be as passionate about discourses as she claims to be.

  • Her point of view is quite an interesting I´d say. I´ve never thought that someone could see discourses that way. The video is a piece of art! I´m impressed!

  • The video was interesting. She told us that she views the world through discourses. I found that quite peculiar at fist, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense.

  • Great flick and style. Some of the cuts were a bit quick, though, and I had to go back to check what some of the papers said. Very interesting thoughts and world views as well, made me want to learn more about the concept.

    The ideas of what is true, what is normal and what makes them that are thrilling.

  • It’s interesting how that video made me see the term ‘discourse’ in a very new way: I saw it as a cool term and worth of learning instead of gray and academic word. I think the same thing happens pretty often when difficult or new phenomenon has been presented in a YouTube form. It maybe looses some of its dimensios because it’s been simplified but at the same time visual presentation makes it more interesting.

  • It is great to see another way to do things. You don’t always have to speak what you think, sometimes text and music is more powerful.

  • I think that discourses are very powerful when you use correct words and they are picked wisely. Also special effects improve the outcome.

  • Heinonen tiivistää mielestäni hyvin kontekstin merkityksen: On niin monta kokemusta, kuin on kokijaakin. Kaikkeen vaikuttaa kaikki, ja on hyvä ainakin jossain määrin tiedostaa tilanteiden moniulotteisuus, sillä niissä on informaatiota enemmän kuin ensisilmäyksellä huomaamme. Puhumattakaan siitä, miten monesta eri näkökulmasta käsin niitä voi lähestyä tai tarkkailla.

  • Very interesting video! It makes me to think more what are discourses and there are different ways to think about it. I could understand why she is so passionate.

  • First of all I’d like to point our how beautifully done this video was. If only I could read those signs fast enough without having the video paused then it’d be pretty flawless. Video has good and very current message that is often forgotten. When we’re having a conversation and interacting with other people, we might become bling to the fact that we all have different realities. Sometimes understanding that fact alone makes situation a lot more easy-going and more comprehensible. I wish that it was a common knowledge and people wouldn’t straight up judge each other.

  • Wow, this is a really cool video! The artist and I have a similar view of what is particularly important and interesting about discourse studies; examining the underlying power structures of discourses. In my opinion that is one of the most interesting ways of linking discourse studies with other fields of science such as social sciences. It is possible to notice these structures in everyday life as well. Once you start to scratch the surface of e.g. news articles, you start to see the ways that discourses can shape our reality. Interesting stuff!

  • This video was really thought-provoking. It made me realize that the world around us is explained through words (=language). Great POWER is hidden inside these languages and the ways they are used, since it’s possible to mass-alter meanings and connotations of words for certain use. This is exactly why we need discourse analysis in the world, to unveil social and political constructions of language. The research will get us closer to the truth and truth does set us free.

  • I did not know what the word “discourse” was in finnish. This article made me google it. Very interesting and artistic video, it’s always nice to see when someone’s so passionate about something.

  • I found this video interesting because it’s creatively done and expresses her own point of view very enjoyably. That’s also why I liked it and I had to watch it couple of times again.

  • What I liked about this video was that it made me understand the subject of discourse better. The video was also well created and interesting and it inspired me on my studies about the discourse.

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